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City Tour: One Day Silk Farm

This Siem Reap tourism industry's fascination is so prominent among guests. Indeed two National Geographic transports were at the homestead amid my visit. Furthermore no big surprise! Artisans D'angkor has made an incredible showing in laying out the silk process for inquisitive guests.

The silk ranch is found around 20 minutes from the inside of Siem Reap. It is fairly off the beaten path in the Puok region. No stresses, however, in light of the fact that the organization offers free shuttle pick ups and drop offs, from their store in Siem Reap. The, the genuine visit is free too.

This is the door to the silk ranch, where not long after you'll be met with an individual aide who will walk you through the entire methodology.

Tour By: TukTuk Car Minivan
Price: 15 $US 25 $US 30 $US